Metal Processing, Preparation and Finishing

I . Aluminum Processing

I623 - Aluminum Safe Cleaner, Ambient Temperature
I624 - Liquid Cleaner, Ambient Temperature
I672 - Cleaner, Non-silicated (dry)
I820 - Cleaner, non-silicated (liquid)
I673 - Etchant, Non-sludging (dry)
I678 - Deoxidizer, non-chromated (dry)
I680 - Conversion coating, gold (dry)
I011 - Acid brightener (liquid)
I026 - Acid brightener, stainless steel, trucks (liquid)

II. Spray Wash Compounds

I557 - Safe on all metals (dry)
I670 - For forming lubricants, preservatives (dry)
I672 - Non-silicated for aluminum (dry)
I675 - Safe on all metals (dry)
I676 - Safe on all metals, low temperature (liquid)
I677 - Heavy duty, low temperature (liquid)
I679 - Heavy Duty (dry)
I256 - Solvent emulsion - acid stable (liquid)

III. Iron, Zinc and Molybdate Phosphate Compounds

I681 - iridescent iron, spray or dip (dry)**
I684 - Iron Phosphate, spray, dip or steam (liquid)**
I686 - Iron phosphate, spray or dip (dry)**
I692 - Steam iron phosphate
I690 - Low cost zinc phosphate
I683 - Zinc phosphate (liquid)**
I675 - Zinc phosphate, microcrystalline (liquid)**
I676 - Low sludge zinc, microcrystalline (liquid)
I683 - Molybdenum phosphate, MIL-SPEC (liquid)

IV. Frost line - Low Temperature Processing

I624 - Phosphate accelerator (liquid)
I623 - Aluminum safe cleaner, ambient temperature (dry)
I624 - Liquid cleaner, ambient temperature
I624 - Ferrous cleaner, ambient temperature (dry)
I624 - Liquid ferrous cleaner
I624 - Cold cleaner and phosphate (dry)
I624 - Cold phosphate
I672 - Liquid Iron phosphate, low temperature
I677 - Iron phosphate, low temperature, 3 stage (liquid)
I678 - Iron phosphate, ambient, 5 stage (liquid)
I679 - Iron phosphate, ambient, 5 stage (liquid)

V. Booster Additives

I087 - Boil out additive (liquid)
I011 - Cleaner additive (liquid)
I102 - Cleaner additive (liquid)
I106 - Low foam additive, booster
I115 - Scale control additive (liquid)
I119 - Additive for zinc lines
I624 - Cleaner additive (liquid)
I624 - Cleaner additive (liquid)
I679 - Alkaline stripper, catalyst (liquid)

VI. Hot Tank Cleaners

I675 - Heavy duty grease/oil, light rust (liquid)
I676 - Rust, oils, preservative (liquid)
I678 - Rust, paint (dry)
I670 - Phenolic liquid for paint and light rust
I681 - Engine block cleaner (dry)*
I672 - Special soap type for preplan, plating, phosphatizing (dry)
I623 - Rust, oil, grease (dry)
I675 - Electrolytic cleaner, direct or reverse current (dry)**
I676 - Oil, grease, paint, light rust (dry)*
I678 - Heavy duty rust removal (dry)
I676 - Identification inks, drawing and buffing compounds (dry)
I672 - Non-silicated, non-chromated cleaner

VII. Steam Cleaning Compounds

I232 - Steam cleaner, heavy duty (liquid)
I623 - Steam cleaner, Medium duty, aluminum safe ( liquid)
I681 - Rust, paint (dry)*
I623 - Steam cleaner, heavy duty (dry)*

VIII. Corrosion removers, Acid and Alkaline

I011 - Acid, Detergent and metal conditioner (liquid)**
I011 - Acid, for flash rust, fingerprints, stains (liquid)
I011 - Acid, for aircraft surfaces, thickened (liquid)**
I026 - Acid corrosion remover, detergent (liquid)**
I011 - Acid scale and rust remover (liquid)
I026 - Heavy duty acid rust and scale remover (liquid)
I675 - Alkaline hot tank light rust and grease (liquid)
I676 - Alkaline hot tank rust remover (liquid)
I678 - Alkaline hot tank rust remover (dry)
I623 - Alkaline hot tank rust remover (dry)
I678 - Alkaline hot tank heavy duty rust remover (dry)

IX. Paint and Carbon Removers

I561 - Phenolic paint remover
I563 - Paint stripper, MIL-R-81294 (liquid)**
I565 - Thick, acid activated phenolic paint remover
I557 - Thick, non-phenolic, non-chromated paint remover
I568 - Thick, non-phenolic, non-chromated paint remover
I670 - Non-phenolic solvent type paint remover MIL-R-25134 (liquid)**
I680 - Seal stripper, wood and concrete (liquid)**
I782 - Carbon remover, single phase, heavy duty stripper (liquid)**
I690 - Carbon remover, paint stripper, cold tank (liquid)**
I791 - Non-phenolic, solvent alkali hot tank (liquid)
I793 - Acid, cold tank paint remover (liquid)
I796 - Paint stripper, cold tank, acid type (liquid)
I798 - Hot tank alkaline paint remover
I799 - Paint stripper, solvent type, non-phenolic cold tank (liquid)**

X. Rust Preventatives

I256 - Non-chlorinated rust preventative
I218 - Water emulsifiable rust preventative (water reducible)
I820 - Water displacing rust preventative
I221 - Rust preventative safety solvent
I624 - Rust preventative, concentrate (liquid, water reducible)
I228 - Nitrite-free, non-toxic rust preventative (liquid)
I229 - Solvent based, for long-term storage
I230 - Viscous rust preventative
I893 - Nitric, no amines or phosphates (liquid, water reducible)

XI. Safety Solvents

I222 - Safety solvent, spray or dip tank application (liquid)
I243 - Solvent, rapid drying and film free (liquid)
I260 - Safety solvent, clean electrical components (liquid)**
I670 - Safety solvent, general solvent. MIL-C-18718-B (liquid)**
I677 - Aliphatic solvent cleaner (liquid)
I951 - Safety solvent degreaser (liquid)

XII. Solvent Emulsion Cleaners

I256 - Degreaser, dilute with solvents (liquid)
I256 - Emulsion cleaner, dilute with solvents or water (liquid)**
I256 - Emulsion Cleaner, transportation degreaser (liquid)
I256 - Emulsion cleaner, acid stable (liquid, water reducible)
M100 - d-Limonene based, emulsifiable, anhydrous (liquid)
M160 - Hydrocarbon based, emulsifiable, anhydrous (liquid)

XIII. Alkaline Cleaners

I820 - Cleaner, General purpose (liquid)*
I150 - Cleaner, general purpose, pine scent (liquid)*
I874 - Double duty emulsifier cleaner (liquid)*
I675 - Cleaner, spray type, ready-to-use (liquid)
I680 - Cleaner, concrete, automatic scrubber, low foam (liquid)*
I201 - Cleaner, alkaline, spray clean (liquid)*
I203 - Cleaner, heavy duty, low foam for automatic scrubbers (liquid)*
I532 - Car wash, detergent (liquid)
I540 - Laundry detergent, use with bleach only (dry)*
I670 - Concrete cleaner (dry)
I677 - Heavy duty auto scrub & concrete cleaner (dry)
I624 - Super truck wash (dry)
I677 - General purpose powder (dry version of I201)*

XIV. Transportation Cleaners

I201 - Cleaner, alkaline, spray clean (liquid)
I240 - All purpose bus cleaner
I242 - Thickened exterior aircraft cleaner**
I256 - Emulsion cleaner and degreaser
I758 - Alkaline aircraft wash, MIL-PRF-85570C**
I931 - Leather and plastic cleaner and conditioner

XV. Paint Booth Family

I108 - Liquid non-silicone Defoamers
I213 - Gel-A-Kote (for paint booth overpay)
I026 - Peelable paint booth coating
I681 - Paint spray booth compound
I982 - Paint booth deflocculant
I683 - Paint booth deflocculant
I684 - Water based paint booth deflocculant

XVI. Specialty Products

I109 - Industrial Defoamers
I330 - Detergent for nuclear power plants
I529 - Leak finder
I227 - Nut buster, penetrants (WD-40 type)


* USDA Approved
** Military Specification

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