Water-Based Cleaners

I. Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Deodorants & Air Fresheners

I060 - Cleaner-Disinfectant-Deodorant, Lemon odor, Quaternary (liquid)*
I300 - Pine type germicide, cleaner (liquid)*
I011 - Phenolic germicide, cleaner (liquid)*
I312 - Germicidal detergent, phenolic (liquid)*
I450 - Disinfectant, pine-oil (liquid)*
I670 - Deodorant, room (aerosol)
I971 - Disinfectant-deodorant (aerosol)
C100 - Citrus Air Freshener (aerosol)

II. Mild Alkaline Cleaners, General Purpose

I820 - Cleaner, light duty, general purpose (liquid)
I129 - Cleaner, general duty, (liquid) *
I150 - Cleaner, general purpose, pine scent (liquid) *
I670 - Wax stripper, industrial cleaner (liquid) *
I174 - Double duty emulsifier cleaner for petroleum soils and smoke damage *
I675 - Cleaner, spray type, ready to use (liquid)
I680 - Cleaner, concrete, automatic scrubbers, low foam (liquid) *
I201 - Cleaner, alkaline, spray clean (liquid) *
I203 - Cleaner, low foam, automatic scrubbers (liquid)
I204 - Cleaner, general purpose floor cleaner (liquid) *
I530 - Detergent, dishes-pots-pans (liquid)
I532 - Car Wash, detergent (liquid)
I681 - Heavy duty floor cleaner (powder)
I681 - Release and lube agent, soap (paste)
I820 - Cleaner concentrate, solvent water type emulsion (liquid)
I820 - Wax remover, ammoniated (liquid) *
I940 - Cleaner, ammoniated, multi-purpose (liquid)

IV. Hand Soaps

I683 - Waterless hand cleaner
I365 - Surgical scrub (liquid) *
I681 - Hand soap, 15% vegetable and coconut oils (liquid)
I672 - Hand soap, 20% vegetable and coconut oils (liquid)
I624 - Hand soap, 40% vegetable and coconut oils (liquid) *
I672 - Lotion hand soap, dispenser type (liquid)
I624 - Hand soap (dry)

V. Specialty Products

I011 - One shot bowl cleaner (liquid)
I085 - Chlorinated bleach cleaner (powder)
I133 - Food service degreaser, Institutional (liquid)
I350 - Mop treatment, oil based (liquid)
I673 - Laundry aid, spot and stain remover (Spray & Wash type) (liquid)
I680 - Chemical toilet deodorant, airlines & buses (liquid)
I672 - Odor relief, deodorant for pets, garbage, waste, sick rooms (liquid)
I676 - Oven cleaner (liquid)
I690 - General purpose cleaner for pots, pans, dishes (dry)
I930 - Furniture polish, lemon odor (aerosol)
I931 - Leather, plastic, vinyl cleaner and conditioner
I933 - tile cleaner for shower stalls, ceramic tile (liquid)
I934 - Cream cleaner, cleans and sanitizes (paste)
I936 - Mildew relief, contact cleaner for tile, grout, vinyl, etc. (Liquid)
I949 - Hi-lite liquid furniture polish (liquid)
I974 - Spot lifter (aerosol)
I690 - Window cleaner (liquid)

VI. Machine Dishwashing Compounds

I690 - Chlorinated cleaner, 20% available Chlorine (dry)
I011 - Chlorinated cleaner C.P. (dry)
I095 - Rinse aid, wetting agent (liquid)

VII. Carpet Care

I032 - Carpet maintained, solvent type, machine or mop applied
I038 - Rug shampoo, Hi-foam with soil retardant (liquid)
I042 - Spotter for protein based stains, foods, blood, etc.
I043 - Carpet extraction cleaner, for hot water extraction equipment
I044 - Dry carpet extraction cleaner
I108 - Defoamers, non-silicone
I011 - anti-stat deodorant, eliminates static cling, leaves pleasant scent
I113 - Soil retardant, protects carpet and reduces re-soiling
I114 - Traffic lane cleaner, heavy duty

XIII. Alkaline Cleaners

I820 - Cleaner, General purpose (liquid)*
I150 - Cleaner, general purpose, pine scent (liquid)*
I874 - Double duty emulsifier cleaner (liquid)*
I675 - Cleaner, spray type, ready-to-use (liquid)
I680 - Cleaner, concrete, automatic scrubber, low foam (liquid)*
I201 - Cleaner, alkaline, spray clean (liquid)*
I203 - Cleaner, heavy duty, low foam for automatic scrubbers (liquid)*
I532 - Car wash, detergent (liquid)
I540 - Laundry detergent, use with bleach only (dry)*
I670 - Concrete cleaner (dry)
I677 - Heavy duty auto scrub & concrete cleaner (dry)
I624 - Super truck wash (dry)
I677 - General purpose powder (dry version of I201)*

XIV. Transportation Cleaners

I201 - Cleaner, alkaline, spray clean (liquid)
I240 - All purpose bus cleaner
I242 - Thickened exterior aircraft cleaner**
I256 - Emulsion cleaner and degreaser
I758 - Alkaline aircraft wash, MIL-PRF-85570C**
I931 - Leather and plastic cleaner and conditioner

* USDA Approved
** Military Specification

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