Links to Selected DoD and US Government Sites

US Federal Government - The US Government Printing Office. get your transcripts here! - The General Services Administration. - The Department of Energy - Yes, that EPA. References to EPA programs and 40 CFR regulations - Yes The FBI. Our G-Men work hard. - US Small Business Administration. - US Department of Commerce. Exporting help - Yep, The US Department of Labor & OSHA standards. Lock out that power box!
Federal Acquisition Jumpstation - By NASA and a real meta-site! - The National Park Srevice Homepage. Find out about our Great National Park System! - PRO-net database of small businesses by US Small Business Administration - Check out "Duke of URL's" links on this page. Yep, Duke of URL's. A meta-site of Links. - Not a Government site, but the CFR's are here

US Department of Defense - DoD Electronic Commerce Office Homepage. Another meta-links site. - Defense Logistics Agency. Another meta-links site. - Defense Acquisition Deskbook. A meta-reference on FAR's! - Military Procurement meta-Site - Military Specifications

US NAVY - The Navy homepage - Navy (Research, Development & Acquisition) meta-links site. - NEFC Charleston meta-links page

US ARMY - the Army homepage - Army Acquisition Web Site. Great links to procurement activities. - The Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) - The Army Corps of Engineers, links to Electronic Bid Sets.

US AIR FORCE - The Air Force Homepage - Air Force Acquisition Homepage - This is a famous place for R&D. Lots of reference data - Warner Robins AFB, GA homepage

US MARINE CORPS - The Marine Corps Homepage - Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA Homepage - USMC Camp Pendleton Contracting Division

NASA - Yep, that's the one. All about space. See the Hubble Deep Space photos for GREAT WIN 95 wallpaper!
Federal Acquisition Jumpstation - By NASA and a real meta-site - Doing Business with NASA Homepage. - NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS)

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